Outcomes and Goals

Student Learning Outcomes

The University of Georgia seeks to enhance student learning by institutionalizing evidence-based active learning practices across the undergraduate curriculum. The student learning outcomes (SLOs) for the Active Learning Initiative include four lifelong learning dispositions:

Curiosity – Students will demonstrate curiosity by exploring a topic, yielding insight and interest.

Initiative – Students will demonstrate an ability to initiate learning by identifying and pursuing opportunities to expand knowledge, skills, and/or abilities.

Reflection – Students will demonstrate an ability to reflect on the relationship between old and new concepts and skills, how they best learn, and broadened perspectives about educational and life events.

Connection – Students will be able to recognize and connect the role of active learning and their development of knowledge and skills.

Program Goals

The Active Learning initiative amplifies active learning by meeting three mutually reinforcing goals for instructor development, student support, and infrastructure improvements. Each goal guides programmatic initiatives, and the defined student learning outcomes stem from the impact of these targeted strategies:

Instructor Development – Expand the use of active learning pedagogies in undergraduate courses by trained instructors.

Student Engagement -Prepare students for active learning inside and outside the classroom.

Classroom Enhancement -Transform learning spaces for active learning through classroom & infrastructure updates.

Please review UGA’s Active Learning Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to learn more.