UGA’s Active Learning Initiative in the Scholarly Research

Doolittle, P., Wojdak, K., & Walters, A. (2023). Defining Active Learning: A Restricted Systemic Review. Teaching and Learning Inquiry11. (HERE)

To expand and reify active learning in higher education, various colleges and universities have included active learning in their guiding principles or academic structure. For example, the University of Georgia created an Office of Active Learning at the provost level and has included active learning as the center of their accreditation Quality Assessment Plan.

Supiano, Beckie. (2023). Which Is Better, Active Learning or Lecture? It’s Not So Simple. Chronicle of Higher Education. (HERE)

The fact that active learning can go wrong underscores the need for colleges to better support instructors as they pursue it. That’s been top of mind for Meg Mittelstadt, director of the teaching center at the University of Georgia, because her university is working to create a culture of active learning to fulfill the Quality Enhancement Plan required by its accreditor…