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The University of Georgia created the Active Learning Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) with an overarching aspiration: to create a culture of active learning for UGA undergraduates. Within a culture of active learning, students are active participants in the classroom, learning is understood as the construction of knowledge rather than its absorption, and instructors guide students to construct knowledge while actively reflecting upon the process of learning. To strengthen UGA’s culture of active learning, the QEP will develop and implement programming in three distinct but interrelated areas:

Instructor Development

Student Engagement

Classroom Enhancements

UGA’s Active Learning QEP is unique in integrating significant attention and resources across all three areas. It includes a plan to assess the implementation of initiatives in each area, as well as a robust set of direct and indirect measures to assess outcomes for student learning and development across the breadth of the program.

Timeline for the Active Learning Initiative

Year One (2022-2023)

The goal of the first year of the Active Learning Initiative was to introduce our campus community to the Active Learning Initiative.

Year Two (2023-2024)

This year’s goal is to build on this success by fostering awareness for the Initiative by scaling up each of the existing programs and encouraging those beyond the University to learn more about the programming offered under this initiative.

Year Three (2024-2025)

In year three of the initiative, the Office of Active Learning plan will move from the purpose of expanding awareness about the Active Learning Initiative to focusing on reflecting on how the implementation of the initiative has directly impacted student learning and making any key changes based on the findings of our assessment of the initiative’s impact.

Year Four (2025-2026)

The fourth year will focus on a continued reflection on how the initiative’s implementation has directly impacted student learning, as well as to assess the impact of any changes we have made to the programming based on our assessment framework.

Year Five (2026-2027)

In the final year of this initiative, the Office of Active Learning will offer a framework for how other colleges and universities may implement a similar active learning culture change, including the programming, the funding and operational details, the assessment framework, and the evolution of the programming based on the assessment findings.

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