Classroom Prioritization for Active Learning Leaders  

UGA’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for Active Learning ensures that all instructors who become Active Learning Leaders complete the requirements of either the Active Learning Summer Institute or the alternative pathway (the Active Learning Workshops and Course Redesign Experience) will receive priority for scheduling for classrooms specifically designed for active learning.

Below is a survey for Active Learning Leaders to gauge your preferences for specific classrooms with active learning attributes. Once the Office of Active Learning receives your classroom scheduling preferences, we will communicate these preferences to your unit’s scheduler to ensure you have priority for these classrooms for future semesters (please note scheduling at UGA is done one year in advance, so submissions may take up to one year before impacting scheduling).

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about classroom prioritization. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with Leah Carmichael, the Director of Active Learning, at

Which classrooms on campus are considered to be active learning?

As Active Learning Leaders, we understand that active learning pedagogy may be enacted in any classroom environment. However, certain classrooms allow for more flexibility for instructors to implement a multitude of active learning strategies than others. In keeping with standard practices for active learning classroom designations, UGA has focused on three attributes of active learning we believe offer the most flexible learning spaces. Learn more about our criteria here.

For a list of all of the classrooms with one or more of these attributes, please use the built-in search options on UGA’s 25 live scheduling platform.

Why is my classroom list populated differently from that of another AL Leader?

On campus, there are currently four designated classrooms. First, there are departmentally-managed classrooms. Second, there are centrally managed classrooms. Further, there is a third category, centrally managed classrooms with predesignated scheduling by specific units. Finally, there are centrally managed classrooms open to all.

As an Active Leader, when you enter your information into the survey, it will populate specific classrooms, including all those managed by your department, all those predesignated to your unit, and all those centrally managed classrooms open to all. If this list does not include a classroom you would prefer, there is an option to add additional classrooms to your list.

In the survey, how will I designate classes I prefer for my courses?

For each of the categories mentioned above (department-managed, predesignated, and centrally-managed, the survey will offer options to select either “Preferred” or ” Not Preferred.”

What if my preferences vary depending on which courses I teach?

If you prefer different classrooms for different courses, there will be a detailed section where you can list this information for your scheduler. Please note, however, that all schedulers must consider the enrollment size of classes and various factors when choosing which room works best for each course. Though our office can request that they prioritize classrooms in general, we cannot guarantee that any one class will be scheduled in a specific classroom.

What if my classroom preferences change?

As an Active Learning Leader, you may update your preferences with our Office anytime by submitting this form. As mentioned above, your classrooms will be recorded for future semesters. Please note that scheduling at UGA is done up to one year in advance, so submissions may take up to one year before impacting scheduling.

In addition, our Office will continue to update classrooms to include more active learning attributes. As such, each semester, we will send a form with these updates in case you wish to update your preferences at that time.

How will the Office of Active Learning help ensure these classes are prioritized?

As per the QEP, Active Learning Leaders will receive priority for scheduling into classrooms specifically designed for active learning. Once you complete this survey, we will send you a copy for your records. We will also contact your unit directly to ensure your administrators and scheduler are aware of priority scheduling included with the QEP, aware of your preferences, and willing to work to ensure you are matched with the classrooms you prefer most for your instruction style.