Model Classrooms

In conjunction with the instructional space classification and renovation initiative, Active Learning at UGA will design and renovate one model active learning classroom each year. Each model classroom will exceed Tier 1 requirements by enhancing the technology to facilitate best practices in active learning pedagogy. In addition, AL model classrooms will have additional features designed to promote active learning. These features could include, for example, more space per student, including aisle and social space; VR headsets; 3D printers; QR codes at each seat to monitor attendance and for scholarship of teaching of learning (SOTL) research; large, ultra-high resolution, tiled video display systems; and others. The model classrooms will be scattered throughout the campus to maximize the benefits across disciplines and student populations.

Summer 2023

Journalism 512 is a state-of-the-art Active Learning room. It offers more than 25 square feet per student, mobile chairs and tables, and student collaboration tools (e.g., wall dry-erase boards, individual huddle boards, and interactive screens).

More Coming Soon!