Active Learning Course Redesign Excellence Program

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is excited to announce the Active Learning Course Redesign Excellence (AL-CRDx ) program. This program is set to launch its inaugural cohort in Spring 2025. The AL-CRDx program is designed to support instructors who have gained essential knowledge from the Active Learning Workshop Series to incorporate robust active learning practices into a target course during a semester-long course redesign process (January to April). Along with Active Learning Summer Institute (ALSI), completing the AL-CRDx program leads to UGA’s Active Learning Leader Certificate, advancing university-wide adoption of active learning.


The AL-CRDx program is open to full-time faculty of all ranks. Instructors who have completed a minimum of eight workshops from the Active Learning Workshop Series (all four Fundamental workshops and four Special Topics workshops of your choice) by the time of application are eligible to apply for the program. The call for applications will be released each summer.

Upon successful completion of the AL-CRDx program, instructors will receive a $5,000 stipend, eligible for use as salary or operating expenses.

Program Expectations

The AL-CRDx offers instructors a supported course redesign process, including workshop sessions and structured work time, consultative support from CTL faculty, and collegial support from cohort members as participants engage in active learning course redesign work over the spring semester.

Participants in the program will be expected to:
✔ Attend all scheduled sessions and workshops (occurring once every three weeks) during the Spring semester.
✔ Complete course redesign work initiated during AL-CRDx sessions during the following academic year.
✔ Completion of pre- and post-assessment surveys about current teaching practices and turn in existing course artifacts (e.g., syllabus) before and after participation in the AL-CRDx program;
✔ Submit draft course artifacts by designated deadlines during the course redesign process, in line with the work done during the duration of the program;
✔ Meet with the designated CTL consultant at least once between the end of the AL-CRDx program and the first day of the redesigned course;
✔ Schedule a Mid-Semester Formative Evaluation with the CTL in the first semester of implementation of the course redesign.
✔ Prepare a poster (don’t worry, we’ll help you!) to present at the 2026 Active Learning Summit (details TBD in coordination with the Office of Active Learning)
✔ Coordinate with QEP leadership to provide students in the AL-CRDx course with a reflection prompt for three semesters following the course redesign as part of QEP assessment efforts.

Selection Criteria

Ten Active Learning AL-CRDx faculty will be selected each academic year. Applications will be evaluated based on:

1. the extent to which the proposed course is anticipated to be redesigned with active learning, including specific changes in course structure, teaching approach, and any existing challenges with the purposes behind this transformation.

2. the degree of anticipated impacts of the proposed course redesign on the instructor and students.

3. evidence that the proposed adoption of active learning and evidence-based teaching practices for the redesigned course will likely be sustained beyond the program duration.

4. applicants’ ability to participate in the duration of the course design process over the spring semester (including attendance at all program meetings and completion of the course redesign action items between meetings).

Timeline & Selection Process

Applications for the Active Learning Course Redesign Excellence program will be open in the Summer of 2024 (exact date to be announced), with an application deadline in early September 2024. The reviewing process will be held in September, and selection notifications will be made in October 2024.

A proposal template (Word) will be provided at a later date for preparation of the Active Learning Course Redesign Excellence Program application. For further information, contact Ching-Yu Huang, Associate Director for Active Learning Initiatives, at